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Welcome to the Summit Racing Equipment "Business to Business" website. If you are a trading partner with Summit Racing Equipment then you will want to sign up with Summit Racing Equipment B2B. We have implemented a series of helpful applications which allow you to send/receive data with Summit Racing Equipment.


2016 proved to be quite a successful year for Summit Racing! Many new and exciting ventures were announced, the largest being the press release of our newest Summit Racing Retail Store & Warehouse in Arlington, Texas.

2017 is anticipated to be a very busy year gearing up for the grand opening of our Texas location. One way to improve communication between our companies is through the file upload utility found under the Tool Tab on the B2B site. Each file category has been mapped to the exclusive Summit representative handling your product line in each department.

To utilize this upload tool, simply choose the appropriate file category, select the file to be sent, and hit upload. It’s that simple! It is essential that cost files, new products, discontinued parts, and all other file categories be communicated using the upload tool so immediate action can be taken to review your alerts. If there are any questions regarding the upload tool, please contact your Supply Chain Specialist.

Lastly, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to you, our valued vendor, for contributing to our goal of the strengthening of Summit Racing’s Supply Chain. We are looking forward to growing our partnership in 2017!

Thank you for your support!

Summit Racing is pleased to announce the launch of our Vendor Connection portal.

This new feature allows you to answer product related questions asked by customers on SummitRacing.com. Your responses post to the product detail page on SummitRacing.com and they are emailed directly to the customer who asked the question. Answers are branded with your logo to reinforce your company’s product expertise and dedication to customer education, influencing sales and loyalty.

Vendor Connection is FREE to use and sign-up is fast and easy. You can learn more by downloading the User Guide from the Documents section of the B2B, or follow this link to sign-up today: http://www.bazaarvoice.com/invite/summit-racing.html

Summit Racing has implemented barcode technology in all aspects of our business platform. This technology has helped enhance the speed, accuracy, and efficiency needed to manage receiving, shipping, inventory, and marketing to our customers. Barcodes have also helped us provide faster and more accurate payments to all of our suppliers. As such, our goal is to partner with all of our suppliers to have all product barcoded in compliance with our SOP standards. As a reminder, the SOP states that all products shipped to Summit Racing must be barcoded. The barcode should represent the assigned UPC or the part number listed on our purchase orders. The label should include the barcode, part number, and description.

Example of an Acceptable Part Label


Please find, in the report section of the b2b, a list of your company’s parts that need the updated barcode data. You may send information pertaining to barcodes directly to your buyer or through our drop box (file upload) option in the tools tab of the b2b. Please contact Giovanna Miller at GMiller@summitracing.com with any questions you may have regarding barcodes.

Private Brands product labeling guidelines.

All private brand suppliers must follow these label guidelines. We will provide our UPC codes to you in an excel file by part number. Please see the following guidelines and example for SUMMIT private label suppliers to use to implement the UPC codes as they are created. For any vendors that supply us Cal Custom parts, a regular code 039 bar code is sufficient. We do not currently have UPC codes for Cal Custom products.

The product labels should look something like the below example. Every label needs to contain the following:

  1. Our 'Summit ™' logo, (logo without 'Racing Equipment')
  2. 'S ®' logo
  3. Full SUMMIT part number, including ‘SUM-‘
  4. UPC code (to be provided by Summit)

Example label for Summit parts with a UPC code:

Prviate Label Barcode

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Private Brands Supply Chain Specialist.

Summit Racing Equipment is pleased to announce the opening of a new Distribution Center and Retail Super Store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Summit Racing customers in most of Texas and adjacent states will enjoy one-day delivery on orders for in-stock parts.

Construction of Summit Racing's Texas facility is currently underway. We plan to be shipping orders from the new Distribution Center in the 3rd quarter of 2017. As this project progresses and timelines become clearer, we will certainly keep you informed.

Summit Racing has new functionality which automatically allows small parcel shipping information that we receive from UPS to update most drop ship order status' within our system.

As a result, small-parcel single item / single quantity drop ship orders will no longer require ASN and shipping information to be entered if:

1. Orders are shipped via UPS using the UPS Summit Racing shipper number.
2. The Summit Racing PO number is entered into the UPS "Reference 1" or "Reference 2" fields.

Important Notes:

•All other drop ship orders will appear on the B2B site and require ASN and shipping information.
•Order acknowledgements and future ship notices must still be maintained.

**We encourage you to ship our small parcel drop ship orders via UPS, use the Summit Racing shipper number, and reference our PO number. Doing so will significantly reduce the amount of work required to maintain drop ship ASN and shipping information.**